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Me parece una funcionalidad cojonuda pero, ¿por qué no está disponible en el wp-admin y solo en el editor nuevo? Esto de temer dos editores en paralelo se nos está yendo un poco de las manos, amigos de

Álvaro Hey. Good to talk to you. I really love the new “add featured image via URL” option. (I think it should in jetpack). Just one thing, I noticed it´s not available in my older blogs. I wan to map to and I could really use this feature. Is there a way to fix this so I can set featured. images using a URLs on Thanks a lot for your help.
Victoria hi there!
Victoria on, featured images must be uploaded to your page,
Victoria you won’t be able to use an image URL
Álvaro Silly question then.
Álvaro My mistake (I was convinced I had seen it on but must be mistaken)
Álvaro Thanks for your help, have a nice day.
Victoria oh ok,
Victoria thanks you too!


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