Primeros pasos y mejoras al instalar WordPress

¿Por qué molestarnos en hacer una instalación a mano cuando hay autoinstaladores?

  • Seguridad
  • Velocidad / Sobrecarga
  • Personalización
  • SEO
  • Por imagen
  • Para aprender

WordPress es una casa cuyos planos conoce todo el mundo y que viene con muchas cosas que quizás no necesites (aire acondicionado en Alaska que acaba goteando, puerta del garaje con mando a distancia y tú lo tienes coche…)

Ni que decir tiene que acabar esto deberíamos guardarlo como blueprint.Seguir leyendo

Two English Poems

Two English Poems


The useless dawn finds me in a deserted street-
corner; I have outlived the night.
Nights are proud waves; darkblue topheavy waves
laden with all the hues of deep spoil, laden with
things unlikely and desirable.
Nights have a habit of mysterious gifts and refusals,
of things half given away, half withheld,
of joys with a dark hemisphere.… Seguir leyendo

Els Reixos Catolics

Idea for a plot around an Spain “ingreationist” ucornia:

Here is the idea: Barcelona is the capital of the Spanish empire, Catalán instead of Spanish is spoken through latín América. Spain is still a political superpower. The breaking point would be double: Ferdinand refuses the expulsion of the jews and protestantism in the Netherlands is “assimilated” making a world class marine & trading superpower Castllian Spanish is an endemic language.… Seguir leyendo

Tintín Chtulhu – Freakonomikon / Muzski

A graphic designer that goes by the name of Muzski has created an incredibly fun series of art that takes Hergé’s classic comic character Tintin and throws him into the terrifyingly awesome universe of H.P. Lovecraft

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