Cyanide Blood Bowl VS Fummbl

Yesterday I bought Cyanide´s Blood Bowl.  I was going to get Fall Out 3 but they were fresh out of it, so I decided I´d give some of my hard earned money to Jervis Jonson.
Flashy and pointless: Cyanide BB
I have only played 2 games so far, but I´m not exactly impressed. The graphics are kind of cool, but the 3D view isn´t very helpful when trying to picture what is going on on the field. The menus are not particulary usable and the AI is appaling. Even at “difficult” level it keeps making absurd 1D blocks and moving players away from the action for no apprent reason. Then we have the comments, which are amusing… for approximately half a match. After that they become really repetitive. To make matters worse the Spanish translation (I had no choice living in Madrid) is a monument to sloppiness.
Practical & Fun: Fumbbl
All I kept thinking was how great fumbbl is and how crappy this game is. I just signed up for a PayPal  account (no, I did not have one) and, as soon as it´s active I´m donating to fumbbl the same amount I spent on this questionable game. It was about time.

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