Sony Cybershot MVC-FD73

de 1998
40 – 400mm f/1.8 to f/2.9 zoom (on a 35mm camera)
0.3 Megapixels (640x480px)
3.5´ Floppy disk storage
Gracias a Zutoia que fue quien salvó esta joya de la basura.

Sony Cybershot MVC-FD73Sony Cybershot MVC-FD73

See a more complete contemporary review of this camera here

The Sony Mavica MVC-FD7 Digital Camera
by Robert Bruce Thompson

Pournelle waxes lyric about the joys of using Olympus digital cameras, and I’m sure he’s right.

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Miami Fever & why fast prime lenses rock

Out of all my flickr contacts, Carlos´stuff always makes me drool. He uses fast non-autofocus prime lenses on a Canon 5D via adaptors and makes some amazing night street photography.













He hasn´t posted anything on flickr for over a year, but you can follow him here and here now.… Seguir leyendo